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Downunder Chasing - Australian Storms & Severe Weather
April 2013 - Back online!  E-mail
Written by Anthony Cornelius   

Hi everyone - after a bad hack attack on the website it's back online!  I'll be adding some new photos soon, but have a look at our 2012 - 2013 stormchasing highlights video in the meantime:


November 2010 Update  E-mail
Written by Anthony Cornelius   
Saturday, 13 November 2010 23:44

It's been a VERY slow start to the storm season for SE QLD and NE NSW.  In fact, the slowest start I can remember for the 15 years I've been closely following storms and the weather - even slower than the 1999-2000 season!

I thought I'd upload some past videos to youtube as a few people had compatibility issues with some of the other videos I've had.

2008-2009 Chase Season Highlights


2007 - 2008 Chase Season Highlights


2009 - 2010 Chase Season Highlights


Also some more recent videos from this season include, a compilation from most of our lesser days this year put to music (there's still some pretty sunset timelapses here)


And also a video on the dams that I made after they were finally full for the first time in over ten years!


Until we get some more storms - hopefully these videos will suffice, oh and don't forget to browse the photo gallery or send me an email too!  Stay safe this storm season guys!

Last Updated ( Sunday, 14 November 2010 07:17 )
October 1 - Start of the 2010 - 2011 Chase Season!  E-mail
Written by Anthony Cornelius   


 It's finally the start of the new storm season - and will be out and about for another year!  Will try and update my site as soon as regular as possible.


We've had a few storms already with some nice lightning - certainly quite impressive for September and probably some of the better September storms that I've seen (2008 being in a league of its own).  These photos were from Caboolture on Tuesday the 28th of September.


IMG_7303 Tue 28001